Visiting the Baron's family

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Programmi kestus: 
10 € inimene (min tellimus 100 €)

We are welcoming all the kids to visit Palmse Baron's family! Kids will have overview what people did and how they lived in the Manor.

Programm includes excursion and different exiting activities.

Introduction in the Manor house.

Orangery visitation

Coining a lucky coin at Smiths.

Carriage-ride on the territory

Visiting Manor's animals

Cow milking competition

Smashing smashed potatoes together.

While walking in the mansion stories and legends about Palmse Manors gentlemen are told.

In the Orangery we can adore plants which were Manor's proud in the 19 of century. We are searching out bananatrees, pineapples, kiwis and lemontrees and enjoy the song of the Budgerigar.

Under the Smith's guidance, participants have an opportunity to coin a lucky coin.
Enjoying a carriage ride on the territory.

Visiting Manor's animals and taking part of a Cow-milking competion.

'Smashing smashed potatoes together and eat it afterwards.

We offer also an option to have a lunch at the Palmse tavern or an option to make a picnic at the Manors yard.

Programm with the performance "Kaera Jaan ja kadunud lambad" (Kaera Jaan and the lost sheep") is scheduled on 22.05; 23.05; 24.05 ; 25.05; 31.05; 1.06;  5.06

Other days there is a chance to book the program without the performance (price 8€/child)

Info and booking:

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