Games of the Manor kids

OrangeryStorehouseFarm Labourers’ HouseManor Park
Programmi kestus: 
1,5 tundi
10 €

Program full of rumbling and playfulness starts from the Manor house with the greetings from the manor maid.

Introduction about the history of the Manor and the magnificant Manor house.

Introduction in the Orangery about exotic plants and in the Apple garden is waiting you adventourus games what manorkids played during the manor times.

Kids are thaught to make a bow and a slinsgshot. After there is a competion who shoots the best. Awards for the best!

Under the Smith's guidance, participants have an opportunity to coin a lucky coin.

After the rumbling and mastering new skills, we offer lunch in the tavern or you can make a picnic on the manor's yard.

Info and booking: +372 5345 3431