Christmas at Palmse manor

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Programmi kestus: 
ca 1,5 h
20 € (min tellimus 200 €)

Fairytale Palmse Manor offers great opportunities to make the Christmas season uniquely beautiful.
Duration of the program 1,5 h.
Price: 20 €/person
Our Christmas program makes the merry-making special:
  • Sleigh ride. When there is not enough snow, the manor horse drives a gorgeous carriage.
To welcome our guests, we offer a warming Christmas drink.
  • In the forge, every guest can mint a lucky coin. This lucky coin has magical powers - it is an exceptionally powerful and protective coin. It keeps and supports you in stressful times, gives you both spiritual and financial happiness, attracts negative energy and makes sad people happy again. By keeping this coin in your wallet, there is no fear that the wallet will ever run out.
  • Making Christmas tincture
    To make holiday gatherings extra special, guests can make a Christmas drink. That's easy and fun to make and perfect for the winter holidays. This drink is the spicy pleasure of a cool winter's evening.
  • We introduce you the manor house decorated for Christmas
It is also possible to order a festive Christmas dinner in the restaurant.
Those coming from further afield will be accommodated in the guest house of the manor, and in the morning, offered a rich and refreshing breakfast.
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