COVID- information

NB! A general obligation to wear a mask in public indoor spaces will be introduced in Estonia from 29 October. The mask obligation is also extended to controlled activities.

Starting from 1 November, adults have to present a COVID certificate to participate in controlled activities. 

Starting from 1 November, people aged 12-17 will also have to present a COVID certificate to participate in controlled activities. As an exception, test certificates are also accepted in their case.

N.B! Exception! Starting from 15 November, there will be an exception allowing students to take part in certain activities without having to prove vaccination, passing or a negative test result. In addition to hobby education, sports, training and in-service training, the exemption will apply to post-curricular class visits to museums and exhibitions. 

COVID certificates will only be valid together with an identity document. 

In all activities, the Virumaa Museums Foundation follows the recommendations of the Government of the Republic and the Health Board for the museum for a safe visit.

  • Please come to the museum intact. Stay home when sick!
  • Visitors are provided with facilities for washing and disinfecting hands.
  • We regularly clean and disinfect various surfaces (cash register, door handles, handles, etc.).

You can also get more detailed information from our information numbers in our museum, which can be found on the museums' website.