Malt Barn


The malt barn is used as a training center and has many cozy conference rooms with a historic atmosphere, but still equipped with all modern comforts.

The malt barn was the building where barley and rye were germinated to get malt, which was needed for making, beer, mead, and vodka.

In the 19th century, the manor’s carpentry workshop was in the malt barn as well. In addition, the storeman’s family and herdsmen’s families also had their living quarters in the malt barn.

In 1823, the village school led by Zacharias Kranich was given two rooms in the malt barn. The school was moved to Võhma village two decades later.

The malt barn was renovated in 2009 and has since been used as a training centre, which is equipped with modern technology.

The malt barn stood in the same location already in 1753, but it was a wooden building with a thatched roof. The present barn was built in 1804–1805, and was in a satisfactory condition until the beginning of the 1970s. The malt barn was renovate din 2009.