Cavaliers’ House


A historic place for the younger generation to relax.Today, there is a children's playhouse in the building, which is a 1.80 m high exact copy of the current manor house of Palmse manor. The sides of the house are openable and in the rooms every child can play real manor life using their imagination.

The cavaliers’ house is small wooden building resembling an ancient prostyle temple with four lean Tuscan columns supporting the pediment and similar pilasters on the sides. During summer period, the house was used for gatherings and housing guests. This is also how the building got its name. Cavaliers’ houses usually neighboured manor houses. In 1840, the house was called a barn.

The cavaliers’ house was built in 1822 as a typical classicistic small wooden house. It was renovated by the Lahemaa National Park in mid-1980s and was used as a souvenir shop.